House 48A

Complete renovation done to a house built in 1988. The initial proposals were the adequacy of the existing distribution, a complete house makeover and special attention to energy saving. For the distribution of the house we kept part of the existing distribution, some pieces were kept in their original state as the bedrooms and others, such as the kitchen, were relocated looking for a better relationship with the spaces with which it interacts and looking for a better connection to the outside.

The inner image of the house changed radically, because of the new layout and the choice of materials, more geometric and emphatic forms and more fluid and continuous spaces. The outside shows a metal structure, highlighted with the choice of colour. Façade finishes are made of natural stone and steel sheets in silver colour. Inside we chose warm materials, wood and smooth finishes in paints. The choice of wood was iroko and the walls were painted in white, reinforced by grey ceilings and floors.

Energy saving was done with a new house insulation made of polyurethane in walls and extruded polystyrene in ceilings and floors. Aluminium and low emissivity double glazed windows were used for the exterior carpentry.


Architect: Fernando de C. Gómez Sánchez

Promoter: A.M.M.

Location: Urbanización los Balcones. Torrevieja

Area Built: 200 m2

Plot Area: 660 m2

Date: 2011