Concrete Footbridge

The old wooden walkway through the garden which gives access to the offices is replaces by a new one. This walkway was in a bad state of deterioration due to the action of moisture and water used for the irrigation of the lawn where it is located.
The law firm asked for a material that is warm and inviting like wood but at the same time durable.
To this end we designed the walkway with pieces of reinforced concrete, with the same texture and appearance of wood but with the advantages of conservation of concrete. These pieces were made by hand one to one. In addition, due to the requirements of the owners, they are not slippery when wet.


Architect: Fernando C. Gómez Sánchez

Promoter: Aroca Seiquer & Asociados

Location: Urbanización Las Barcas. Torrevieja

Project Date: 2014